Welcome, everyone… anyone?

Hello everybody,

Welcome to the Grand Asylum! I will keep this brief as you can find all the information you might need about this blog in the About section. However, I would like to give you, my first reader(s), a little piece of information that cannot be found in the About section, just to show my appreciation for you early adopters.

Here it goes:




Okay, so I can’t think of any secrets to share. Sorry! Just ask me if there is something you miss and desperately need to know, I suppose.

For now I will express the hope that you will enjoy my blog and perhaps hang around for a little longer as I fill this place with bits and pieces that I personally find extremely interesting, but which will likely be considered to be ‘a bit weird’.

Warm regards,

Emmi (first inmate of the Grand Asylum)(first in time, not first in rank)(we are all equals here: I am a strong believer in democracy)(which was invented in Athens, FYI)(when Athens was still a city-state)

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