The most fabulous playground ever designed

A while ago I had to clean out my largest bookcase. In doing so, I found various mementos from my childhood, including an extraordinary drawing on A3 paper, which I believe I made when I was just 11 years old, or possibly 10. Upon finding it, I must have sat at least half an hour studying the fantastically creative drawing I made 15 years ago. It seems a bit pretentious to call my own work fantastically creative, but I hope you’ll agree with me.

I still remember why I made it. My primary school had plans to redo the playground and they wanted us kids to provide them with a drawing of our ideal playground. The assignment was meant to be realistic, i.e. we had to think of and draw something they might actually realise. However, they either failed to mention that or it slipped my mind, because this what I came up with:

At the top I wrote, in red letters: “Zoek de: schat”. This translates as “Find the: treasure”. The little drawing before ‘treasure’ is of the small treasure chest that is hidden somewhere in the drawing. Can you find it? I eventually did!

I especially love how, between all the amazing play-items, I thought to include several sets of bathrooms for boys and girls and to make sure the whole complex is adequately illuminated!

I seem to remember (although my memories cannot always be relied on) that my teacher was somewhat less excited about my drawing. Because it wasn’t anything they could work with. I am, however, extremely proud of my 11 years old self!

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