The Magnificent… Adrian Glynn

This blog has a covert mission: to unravel the secrets of (multi-)talent, inspiration and motivation in the arts. In the past weeks I have written some things about my own sources of inspiration, but now it is time to ask the professionals! I intend to post mini-interviews regularly, featuring multi-talented artists of all sorts.

Adrian Glynn

Adrian Glynn

Opening the series is accomplished artist Adrian Glynn (thanks, Adrian!). A versatile musician, actor and travel writer, Adrian is a true artistic Leonardo da Vinci. As an actor he has taken up small parts in various films and television series, from Smallville to Supernatural. But he can also be found on stage, currently starring in the Firehall Arts Centre’s Chelsea Hotel. As a musician he works as a singer/songwriter under his own name, but also forms the core of folk band The Fugitives, together with the equally talented Brendan McLeod. To top it all off, Adrian has written and released a compilation of travel memoirs. I have posted some videos of Adrian’s work throughout the interview for those who do not know it. Visit his official website for more information: (also found in the links section of this blog).

Alright, enough introduction, time to hear from the man himself!

So, what are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently on tour with The Fugitives ( This is a folk band that myself and poet/songwriter Brendan McLeod ( have. We just finished recording a new album in Toronto that will come out in the Fall and this was a Western Canadian tour to try out some new tunes.

The Fugitives, “Find Me”:

You juggle 3 art forms: music, writing and acting. When and how did you start practicing each of the art forms? Have you had any formal arts education?
I was into music from a young age. Choir (reluctantly), piano (somewhat reluctantly, especially the Conservatory stuff)- but thank God my parents made me stick with it. I was obsessed with vocal harmonies and making mix tapes before I finally started learning guitar and writing songs in my teens.
I studied Theatre at UBC and did an intensive acting program at the Atlantic Theatre School in New York a while back. But I started taking songwriting more seriously a few years later and writing/performing songs took over as my real passion.

How do you find a balance between the three art forms?
I guess it’s hard. I mean, there’s some overlap between my solo music and the Fugitives stuff- it’s just a matter of scheduling. But with acting- basically, if I have a few weeks off I’ll audition for some TV shows, etc, and if I can get some work, then that’s great. With the play I’ve been involved with, Chelsea Hotel, (, I just try to make the time for it because I think it’s a good show.

Tracey Power and Adrian Glynn McMorran on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer:

Where do you find the inspiration for your music/acting/writing? Does it differ per art form?
It’s just about downtime, really. I have a hard time being creative when I’m on tour or really busy with the play. So when things slow down a bit I make pockets of time where I can be a typical artist and wander around contemplating life’s unanswerable riddles and brooding and being generally anti-social and strange. And then hopefully I jot a few things down or hum a few new melodies.

You are in two bands (‘Adrian Glynn’ and ‘The Fugitives’). What do you consider the main difference between the two? Is it difficult to combine two music projects?
Well, Adrian Glynn is just me. The Fugitives is Brendan and myself (and then whatever gullible musicians we can convince to put up with us on tour for a few weeks). There’s lots of crossover. There are songs that I wrote that have ended up on the new Fugitives record just because they seemed to fit there. Some of my tunes wouldn’t suit the Fugitives at all, so I keep those to myself. I’d say the difficulty isn’t in the creative side of having 2 projects but rather the administrative side. Like juggling schedules, keeping up with social media stuff for both projects, etc.

Personally, I simply must do creative things. I get cranky if I haven’t had time for it in a while. How is that for you?
Don’t get mad, Emmi. Get even.

What can we expect to see/hear/read from you in the near future? Any upcoming acting, music or writing projects?
The future! Well, let’s see.
Over these next few weeks I’m going to write some new tunes.
In July I’ll be on a solo tour in Western Canada.
In late July the Fugitives new EP will come out and then the full-length album will follow in October. So the Fall will be comprised of Fugitives’ touring in Canada.
And then I will spend January and February in Winnipeg doing the play I’m part of, Chelsea Hotel, and hopefully not dying from my first real Canadian winter experience

Adrian Glynn, “Seven or Eight Days”:

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