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Doctor Fez
Welcome to Art Friday! Today I will be showcasing my various Doctor Who inspired artworks. And, just to make this a Doctor Who weekend, I will be writing my two cents about the difference between the Moffat and Russell T era’s this weekend!

So, I am a Whovian. I never saw the old series, but I jumped on the nu-Who bandwagon around 2007. I started with series one and fell completely in love with the show. At the same time I saw a lot of David Tennant around the web, so much that he was starting to irritate me!

He wakes up, raves about being mean and not ginger, loves the big red button, loses his hand and saves the day.

I couldn’t understand why people kept raving about how attractive he was, because in the pictures he was just a skinny guy with uneven eyes and funny hair. So when I started series two, I was reluctant at best. I loved Chris Eccleston, there was no way this plain, skinny bloke could be any better than him.

Boy, was I wrong! Do you remember the first episode with David Tennant? It’s the Christmas special with the Sycorax, the one where he spends 3/4 of the episode unconscious in bed. Only at the very last moment he wakes up, raves about being mean and not ginger, loves the big red button, loses his hand and saves the day. All in pyjamas of course, like a proper Arthur Dent. His entire performance lasts only 10-15 minutes, but I was SOLD.

David Tennant has a kind of irresistable, wonderful, unique charisma that is very, very hard to resist and which does not show on a picture. You need to see him in action. What I loved (and still love) most about David Tennant is his amazing ability to express emotion. When he’s happy (“Tim Timothy Tim!”),
DT1he has so much energy and radiates happiness from all sides. But when he’s sad, he cries with his entire body and I literally find myself stretching out my arms to the screen to hug him.

As I express my love for someone or something by turning that inspiration in a work of art, I have drawn several portraits of the Doctor. The first, if I remember correctly, is the portrait on the right. I was trying to capture his goofy-happy expression and only partly succeeded. It was drawn from a screenshot from Martha’s first episode, although I changed his clothing (he was wearing pyjamas again in the actual screenshot). It is one of my rarer portraits, because it is in colour (coloured pencils). I still haven’t quite mastered that technique.

The Doctor & sonic screwdriverMy second portrait (left) is kind of a rematch, this time in regular pencil and with a background. I don’t often use backgrounds, so it’s fairly unique in that respect. Although the face didn’t turn out too badly, I still did not quite capture the tenth Doctor perfectly. I am, however, very proud of the clothing. I have always had a knack for drawing clothing. Whereas it took me 4 years to become a decent portraitist, I mastered clothing quickly and intuitively, almost instantly. I just know how.

DT 3

By the time I drew my third portrait (right), I had seen the tenth Doctor’s departure and it was so sad! So I took a screenshot from the moment when he says “I don’t want to go.” and drew that on a sheet of grey paper with charcoal and white pastel. I like this portrait. It’s not as refined as the previous one, but I feel like I finally captured the emotion perfectly. ;( As you can see, I can do clothes decently in any medium!


For my fourth portrait (left) I went back to coloured pencils and tried a pensieve mood with glasses. I love him with glasses. 🙂 I think I did a pretty good job capturing his likeness and mood. I also did alright with the coloured pencils, although on both accounts there is still some slightly room for improvement.

DT5For my fifth portrait (right), I tried yet another technique: etching. Like the third portrait, I tried to capture a very, very sad moment. It is the moment he has lost Rose to an alternative world. It is more of a comicbook style than the other portraits, but I think it works well. Again, I feel I captured the emotion quite perfectly. Technically, it’s alright.

Matt SmithSo, those are my tenth Doctor portraits. What about the eleventh Doctor, you ask? Well, I am sad to say that I am not a very big fan of him. In fact, I am not a very big fan of Doctor Who under the reign of Moffat (although I love Sherlock!), but I will discuss that in my next post. My feelings towards the eleventh Doctor are probably best summarised by the small portrait (left) I tried to draw of him. It fails technically, emotionally and character-wise.
Although I have to admit, he works quite well as a chess piece! (see the first photo of this blog post) He’s my favourite piece in fact!

So, what do you think of my Doctor portraits? Who are what should I draw next? Do you have any great photos that just need to be drawn? I’d love to see them! Have you created Doctor Who fan art yourself? Show me!

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3 responses to “Draw me a Doctor

  1. I like the third portrait of the Doctor the best! But see him alive is the very best!


  2. Emmi, I’m *so* glad I got out of bed, so I could see this 🙂 I love the pink one, the Ï don’t want to go” one. Also the upper half of the 4th one, but somehow it looks as if he’s wearing a beard LOL. (I’ve seen the original, and I know it doesn’t look like that on the original). I love the hair and theclothes of the Matt one, but you just can’t get the face. The eyes are right, so it must be something noseymouthyjawey. I know you won’t try again, but I think that *I* will sometime, when I’m feeling better. Most interesting face in the world to draw, is MS 🙂 Thanks for this cool post, love the streamer!

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