Zombies, Anarchists and The Olympics

One of the things I ‘suffer’ from is an overactive brain. No matter what I do, it refuses to stop spinning. This can be a very useful thing, for instance when I have to write a master’s thesis. Sometimes, however, all I can do is roll my eyes at my own brain and its peculiar/ridiculous thoughts. And then there are the times when my brain comes up with things that kind of amuse me. The lines between those three categories are very thin, or rather non-existent. It’s all relative, as a wise philosopher probably said once. In this blog post I will present three products of my overactive brain, all three of which I considered during the same day last week. It is up to you to decide in which of the above categories they belong!

My first overactive thought pertains zombies. It started when I drove past this church that has digital messages flashing at the outside world. I’m not sure what kind of church it is, but I LOVE the brainteasers they throw at me. Most of the time I know what they mean with those messages, but I take considerable pleasure taking their messages literally and trying to decipher their meaning in a secular fashion. I suppose I suffer from deconstructionism. In any case, the brainteaser that flashed at me while I drove past the church that day was an absolute gem: “Are you already alive or are you still dead?“. As soon as I considered this question, zombies came to mind. In fact, a complete image came to mind. I made a quick sketch of that image:

Quick zombie sketch by Emmi Visser

As you can see, what I imagined was a post-zombie apocalypse world in which a cure for the zombie virus has been discovered. While a part of the zombie population has already been brought back to life, many are still dead. I imagined big billboards asking the passerby if they are already alive or still dead. In the latter case, all they need to do is visit their nearest hospital. Logical, right?

My second overactive thought came from reading about a man, Robert Garrett, who won gold at the 1896 Olympics for discus throwing. Not remarkable, except the man had never thrown a discus before in his life! He was at the Olympics for another sport, but thought it would be fun to throw a discus. So he did, and won gold for his third throw after two embarrassingly clumsy first attempts. Incidentally, in the same Olympics Robert Garrett also won gold for shot put and silver for the long jump and for the high jump! Robert Garrett in 1896

A fascinating story, but my brain went a step further. How awesome would it be if the Olympics were all about having fun again and nothing else? No more dead-serious athletes winning with a difference of a tenth of a second, but laughing athletes competing in sports they are entirely unprepared for. I imagine the event would become amateurs-only again (as it once used to be), and no one would know what sport they would be competing in until the day of their performance. Every country would be allowed to select about 10 candidates for the Olympics and a lottery would be held to assigns sports.

SAM_1972That way the Games would not only become a lot more fun, but they would also become much more exciting: who would win on equestrian jumping when it’s a tennis player against a swimmer?! I’d sure love to see that! Of course some additional fun sports might be added to the Games, such as skipping rope or marbles.

Time to move on to my final overactive thought. I accidentally caught a snippet of the news on TV, which was about some people refusing to pay their taxes, like people do. My brain, however, started spinning and realised that on planet Earth, people have no choice but to pay taxes. Imagine someone who wouldn’t want to pay taxes and in fact didn’t want the ‘care’ that is provided in return for those taxes. In other words, imagine someone is an anarchist. Well, that anarchist would be in a pickle.

Anarchy Island by Emmi Visser

He might move to another country, but there, too, would he be asked to pay taxes and receive unwanted care in return. We do not have a reservation on this planet that belongs to no country, where we might send our anarchists. And then I thought that was a bit sad for those anarchists. They cannot be anarchists, no matter where they go. Couldn’t we make a nice island for them? Or send them all to the moon to live out their lives in anarchy?

Alright, that’s it for today. I’ll go see what my brain wants to think about today. Is your brain the same? Do you also think and think about amusing/ridiculous/useful things? Let me know!

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