The Great Hunter

KrijntjeWhenever people want to procrastinate or have no inspiration, it seems that posting something featuring cats is the default thing to do. Preferably funny cats. Pictures, videos, anything, as long as it features a cat.

Today I have no inspiration for this blog, so I have decided to do something with cats. I have a cat, so that helps. Her name is Krijntje (if you aren’t Dutch, don’t even try to pronounce it 😉 ). Unfortunately she doesn’t look like any famous dictators or know how to open the fridge. In fact, she is a bit of a predictable cat. So predictable that I captured her hunting style in a nice flow chart. This is pretty much her normal behaviour whenever I let her go outside:

Krijntje stroomschema

Krijntje vijver2As you may gather from this flow chart, Krijntje isn’t the brightest hunter in the pack. In fact, she has yet to catch a single fish (there are two in our mini-pond) and she can’t get any birds unless they’ve fallen out of the nest and are unable to fly. And even then it takes her some effort. Fishing is a problem because as soon as her paw is half a centimetre in the water, it is wet and that wetness takes precedent over any other actions she was executing. It needs to be licked dry before she can continue. With birds the problem is that she never stops creeping and the birds are usually finished with their business before she’s moved even a metre closer. She seems to love creeping about!

Krijntje vijver1Krijntje’s favourite hunting object is a laserdot. She goes completely crazy as soon as I even pick up the laserpointer and turns into a ferocious, obsessed feline when the little red dot enters her view. To anyone who has a cat, I highly recommend getting a laser pointer!

Since this blog post isn’t going anywhere, I’ll leave it at this. If you have a cat, I’d be interested to hear if your cat is stuck in the same hunting loop as my cat. If (s)he isn’t, what is the step my cat is missing? 🙂

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