Boys kissing boys – the strange workings of the internet

questionsMy biggest ‘hit’ in the art department is undoubtedly my Doctor Who chess sets. Especially the first one, although I personally think the second one is better. They keep bouncing around on the internet, usually without my having a clue. For instance, it was until a friend pointed it out to me, that I discovered the first set had been featured on io9. I wasn’t following that website yet at that point. Now it provides my daily dose of geekery. 🙂

The closest thing I had to an art ‘hit’ before my Doctor Who sets, peculiarly enough, is a tiny sketch I made years and years ago. In 2008, to be exact. It’s a very simple sketch, A6 size (tiny) and nothing I would consider a proper drawing. Maxxie and Tony. I drew it in the first place because I loved the play of muscles in Maxxie’s back. I also liked the composition. Technically, it is just a sketch. It isn’t remarkable, to me at least, so that can’t be the reason for its populary. It is fan art, based on a still from the UK series Skins, but I have more Skins art in my gallery and none of it comes even close to being as popular as that one little sketch. Its popularity, therefore, remains a mystery until this day. Here it is for your judgement:


The DeviantArt facts:

  • 335 favourites

Those facts aren’t all that amazing, but a heck of a lot higher than ALL of my other works, except those two Doctor Who sets. Since it isn’t the technical quality or the fandom that explain its popularity, I can only surmise that those high stats are due to the fact that the sketch depicts a boy kissing another boy. Although I’m not very well versed in that universe, it appears that many, many girls are obsessed with boys loving other boys. Which is perfectly fine, although incomprehensible to me. I mean, romance is romance, whether there are two boys, two girls or a boy and a girl. Or two cats, like in The Grand Asylum. Two male cats, in fact. In any case, those same girls clearly also love art and have a prominent presence on the internet, which then leads to my little sketch being very popular. That, at least, is the only explanation I have been able to offer for this conundrum.

What have we learned from this? Drawings of boys kissing boys will elicit a lot more traffic than, say, drawings of Johnny Depp. Imagine the traffic when I draw Johnny Depp kissing a man! 😉

Any thoughts on this peculiarity?

3 responses to “Boys kissing boys – the strange workings of the internet

  1. Heyyyy,

    Mijn allereerste gedachte toen ik de tekening zag: Slash! 😀 Gegarandeerd succes op DeviantArt als je een beetje goed bent. Elke serie heeft wel slash-art. Doctor Who… Supernatural… Harry Potter… etc.

  2. Ja, slash doet het gewoon altijd goed. Ik vind een tekening van MS kissing, say, DT or even Johnny Depp ook veel hotter dan 2 katten 😉

  3. It may not be your opinion, but I think your drawing is more than excellent, because it touches our feelings and therefore makes it easy to indentify with. So it is indeed not all about techniques or fandom but about universal emotion.

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