Rabbits on the moon

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the picture book for which I was providing illustrations and showed you the first illustration I did. Today I will show you the four new illustrations I made! There will be a total of 12 pictures, so I still have 7 more to create. It’s a lot of work! And I don’t really have the time I need to make it as perfect as I like, but I do my best with the time that I do have.

So, here are the first two illustrations. As you can see, the one with the brown rabbits is exactly the same as the sample illustration I made, except the little rabbit is now joined by his mother. The other illustration mirrors it, except it is set on the moon instead of earth (the earth up in the sky is bothering me to no extent, will have to return to it if I have the time) and both rabbits are white.

Bruintje+Mama kijkt naar maan Snip+Mama kijken naar aarde

The third and fourth illustration are also mirror-images. As you can see, the little white rabbit is now on earth whereas the little brown rabbit is now on the moon. Please note that I am not creating these illustrations in the order of the story! I quite like the playing rabbits on earth and I’m very chuffed with the stylised trees. I like those trees!

Snip op aarde

Bruintje op de maan

Overall, the trickiest part is designing the rabbits in different poses. They’re stylised rabbits, so they aren’t all that realistic, but I do want them to be rabbits. So not completely humanised like Miffy. Miffy, btw, is a Dutch creation! In Dutch, she’s called Nijntje. If I’m correct, Dick Bruna is the bestselling children’s author of all times. Roald Dahl is probably not far behind though, or J.K. Rowling.

Anyway, what do you think of my illustrations? Do you like them? Do you think the combination of traditional and digital art works? What would you have done differently?

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