Into the depths of novelling

ImageWord count: 5100

It’s NaNo time! Some of you will know what I’m talking about, others won’t. NaNo is short from NaNoWriMo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month, which takes place in November. It is a project, a website, where you can sign up and pledge your intention to write 50k words on a new novel within the month of November. If you make that, you are a ‘winner’. Last year was my first year of NaNo. During November I wrote 50k words on The Grand Asylum. I finished the book at around 80k words in December.

This year I am participating again. I will be writing a new, different novel, although it is still Young Adult. The working title is Boys, Fashion and the Apocalypse. While The Grand Asylum was a very person project and one I am very proud of, it is also a bit of a ‘literary’ novel. At least, that is what I understand from all the feedback I have been receiving. Personally, I am totally fine with that, but it is making it harder to get my book published. So this year I am trying to write a more mainstream novel. The language is a little less poetic and the topic is definitely more mainstream. In a nutshell, this is the story:

When a volcanic eruption marks the end of the world, 16 years old Zoe is left with two problems: what to wear and who to lose her virginity to. Easy enough, if only she wasn’t so darn picky!

Before too long she is on the road, travelling with a sleazy boy called Ethan who keeps hitting on her. They are soon joined by nine-year-old Sodapop and her monstrous dog Dandelion. Zoe’s plan is simple: look good at all times and find Aaron, her British popstar-love who was on tour in the US when disaster struck. She just has to find him quickly, because life is coming to end and she isn’t the type of girl who gives everything after just one date!

I guess it can be summarised as young adult, apocalyptic chick lit or something along those lines? In any case, I should start working on it now!

Coming up in my next posts:

– Next Saturday my no-budget documentary ‘Simply Gifted‘ is being show at a fairly big film festival! Expect a report about the audience’s reaction and my experience.

– Ever since I made Simply Gifted I have wanted to make a companion documentary.

– In January my first educational textbook (with an educational publisher) will appear on the market. I am adding the finishing touches now, but am also thinking ahead to the other 3 publications I will be writing for this publisher.

Museum life! After a year of being unemployed, I finally got a proper job. In a museum.

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