Game of Thrones chess set

Some of you may have seen my two Doctor Who chess sets. If not, you can check them out here. I’ve sold both of those sets now, so it was time for a new one 🙂 This time I’ve decided to make a Game of Thrones chess set. To be specific: Lannisters versus Starks!

I’m working hard on it, so I’ll post new pieces as I create them.

To start off, here’s the Lannister king, Joffrey. You can also see the board I bought and painted. Lannister colours are gold on a red background and Stark colours are grey on a white background, so the squares are red and white. The chips on which each piece is built, are silver and gold.

Joffrey is about 40 mm tall. The throne reached a height of about 55 mm.

SAM_3963 SAM_3981

What do you think?

Coming up next: direwolfs!

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