GoT chess set: Ghost & Greywolf

And here are two more direwolves! Wondering why I’m making these? Check out this blog post.

These wolves are Ghost and Greywolf, Robb’s and Jon’s wolves. Jon’s wolf is white (obviously) and I’ve depicted both of them aggressively because Jon and Robb use their wolves in battle. It wasn’t easy to make them convincing in this pose and I don’t think they’re perfect (when do I ever though), but at least they sort of look like wolves.

Oh, and it looks a bit funny in the photos, but they do have tails. They are sort of tucked down, because that’s what wolves do when they’re acting aggressively. The angle of the photos kind of made them disappear though. :p As for measurements, they’re something like 4cm from head to tail and 2,5 cm from head to toe.

SAM_3984 SAM_3995

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