Portrait – Ian Somerhalder

I thought I had posted this, but apparently I was wrong. I probably dreamt that I did 🙂 In any case, this piece is about a year old. I haven’t had much time for portraits in the past 7 years or so (and the few ones I did draw weren’t very good), so I was pleasantly surprised I still knew how to draw a portrait – sort of. I do have to say my success partly depends on the quality of the reference photo, and this was an excellent photo.

I drew mr. Somerhalder because at the time I’d been watching the Vampire Diaries and while I did not particularly enjoy the series, I just kept watching because of Damon. He’s the best part of the series. Just like Lestat is the best part of Interview with the Vampire. Something to do with bad boys…

Anyway, I have been intrigued by Ian Somerhalder’s face and his impossible eyes ever since Lost, so I thought it was time to draw him again (I also did a portrait back in those days, but I was just a kid and it’s unsightly :p ).
Mr. Somerhalder has this slight, slight misalignment of his eyes, which makes him so very interesting to draw (not sure I managed to capture that so well though). I also enjoyed doing the scarf and all that, I’ve always loved drawing interesting clothes!

Anyway, I hope you like it.

Ian Somerhalder

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