Completed Game of Thrones chess set

To celebrate the start of season 5, here is the finished chess set! The tallest pieces are about 5 cm (2 inches) tall. The chips are 2,75 cm in diameter, 2,25 cm for the pawns.

SAM_4227 The Lannister side:SAM_4236 The Lannister pawns: SAM_4238 The Stark side: SAM_4242 The Stark pawns: SAM_4244 The Kings and Queens: Ned & Catelyn Stark and Cersei & Joffrey LannisterSAM_4248   The bishops: Arya & Sansa Stark and Tyrion & Myrcella with Tommen Lannister:SAM_4249   The Knights: Jon Snow & Robb Stark and Tywin & Jaime Lannister SAM_4252   The Rooks: Hodor with Bran Stark & Osha with Rickon Stark and the Mountain & the Hound: SAM_4255 SAM_4222 SAM_4224

And to get a sense of scale:


I might put it up for sale at some point, not sure yet.

2 responses to “Completed Game of Thrones chess set

  1. i doubt you’ll read this but would you be willing to sell the lannister and start side for $70

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