About The Asylum

About The Grand Asylum

Congratulations, traveller, you have reached the Grand Asylum! Whether you came here in search of relief, excitement or a change of scenery or because you are lost in (cyber) space, be welcome! Like the rest of us, you are now a proud inmate of the Grand Asylum. While this may sound daunting, please rest assured that you are free to leave and return at any time.

The Asylum strives to provide relief, excitement and a change of scenery to all its inmates, but can only do so with the cooperation of the inmates! Therefore, while we offer a programme we deem suitable to evoke a smile at the very least and rejuvination of the spirit at the best, we call upon you to help the Asylum reach its full potential. For this reason, the number one rule of the Asylum is:

1. Participate!

You may now have guessed that an asylum, even the Grand Asylum, has to have some rules. In no particular order, the other rules are:

2. Be imaginative!

3. Be nice!

4. Have fun!

The Grand Asylum fully underwrites each of these rules and has therefore added an exclamation mark at the end of each rule. Should you eventually decide you wish to request full asylum in the Grand Asylum, you will be prompted to sign a contract stating that you, too, fully support these rules and will strive to help the Asylum continue in its mission.

About #2

This blog is still finding its voice, but focusses on creativity, imagination, dreams and nightmares, memories and the juggling of different artforms. In addition, it has a soft spot for a particularly imaginative genre: utopias, dystopias and anything that has to do with the end of the world.

Disclaimer: while The Grand Asylum for Those in Need of Relief, Excitement, a Change of Scenery or Simply Lost in Space is its own entity and an autonomic world, its first public mention comes from a novel of the same title featuring Gertie Grey. If you want to know more about her story, visit the Writing page.


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