About Me

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Hi, my name is Emmi. I grew up and still live in the Netherlands. I have an MA in Arts, Culture and Media with a focus on literary studies, but I also studied art history, linguistics, museum studies and arts management/marketing/sociology.

My mission in life is to use art and culture to make people happy. Combined with a deep-rooted conviction that the arts make life worth living, this has naturally resulted in a love for the written word, but also for visual arts, films and television series that tell a story beautifully.

Endowed with a brain that cannot stop thinking, I recently entered the blogosphere and finally learned that being a bit weird is quite alright. I write about my and others’ creative outbursts and my overactive brain on this blog, The Grand Asylum, which is also a bit weird.

This blog is a combination of my own ramblings about topics that interest me, book and film reviews and, especially, about inspiration, motivation and artists who create work in different art forms. I am a total geek, so I doubt it won’t be long before I can no longer contain myself and start blogging about geeky topics, too.

I have several websites/profiles floating around on the whimsical waves of the world wide web. If you feel you want to connect with me there, please do!

dA Portfolio
My Etsy Shop

If you want to contact me more traditionally via email, that is fine too: emmivisser@gmail.com

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