Boys, Fashion & the Apocalypse

When the world ends – something to do with volcanoes or something – it is a great nuisance to 17-year-old Zoe Anderson. Being the most popular girl in school is a full-time job that doesn’t leave time for anything as insignificant as the apocalypse. However, since everyone else makes such a fuss, Zoe is forced to adapt and adjust her goals.

Mission one: find out what the heck one wears for the end of the world. Mission two: find the perfect boy to lose her virginity to before the earth crumbles.

Simple enough goals for a sexy, sharpshooting teenager, or so Zoe figures. In reality, perfect boys are quickly becoming a scarcity. Instead, Zoe is stuck with Ethan, a sleazy boy she’s hated since kindergarten. It isn’t until tragedy truly strikes, leaving both of them orphaned in a world of chaos, that Zoe needs to start showing her true, uncool colours. Hoping for a better future in Mexico, they make their way through the barren South of the ex-United States, which is now permanently overcast by dusty, ashen skies. Soon Zoe and Ethan are joined by a mysterious little girl called Sodapop, perfect but gay Jake, and incurably positive Otto.

Slowly, Zoe begins to unravel the truth about the apocalypse and the invisible danger that threatens them still. Travelling through a darkening world, she leads the group from whisper to whisper in an increasingly urgent attempt to find an escape, a cure.



I am currently editing Boys, Fashion & the Apocalypse.

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